Hey! Let's Sing Along!

Why Have a Seniors Concert?

If your retirement village, aged care facility, probus / rotary / view club, bowling club team is having a special event or presentation then a Seniors Concert is always a perfect compliment to any events proceedings. They're also great for planning a day out on a bus as the destination entertainment at a club, restaurant or BBQ area.


How Do They Work?

The Seniors Concert is a 90 minute concert, that can be broken into 2 x 45 minute sets, or one 90 minute concert. A minimum of 50 attendees need to be pre-booked via a "per head" arrangement, or a minimum cost can be organised for groups smaller than 50 is required.

We Love Entertaining Seniors

Our entertainers are seniors specialists when it comes to musical entertainment. They don't do heavy rock, or lots of originals that their listeners do not relate to. It's truly an environment that creates immense happiness, dancing and joy in all occassions. Whether it's an aged care facility concert, seniors club or a high end luxury retirement resort, it's always the same feedback "We had a great time, we look forward to seeing you again soon?"

Our Partners

We have an ever growing range of club partners, movie theatres and popular halls that provide seniors entertainment. If you would like to be seen as a supporter of seniors enteratainment then we would love to add your hall or club to our exclusive list of partners.


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